When it comes to the spending of Saskatchewan dollars, does it seem as though common sense has disappeared? Do you have real life examples of Sask. dollars being wasted? Do you want to tell others your story?

This website provides a secure and anonymous venue where residents of Saskatchewan are welcome and encouraged to share personal experiences and observations which provide examples of wasted spending in Saskatchewan health care or other areas where provincial dollars have been used.

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Yes, we need to Improve

The purpose of Lean is to improve. In my experience, any effort towards improvement is not a waste. The problem we have is not cost for training, it is old timers not willing to change, but what do i know right? i am young and naive. The truth remains though, in order to move forward … Read more

Wasted dollars

The ministry of health is currently holding an investigation into the eagle moon office in the regina health region. A complaint has gone forward outlining millions of dollars spent on family and friends of people working in the office. Management is aware and so is the media. As HSAS members we are going to be … Read more

Someone stop the madness!!!

It is absolutely ridiculous that so much money is still being wasted on LEAN. You can change their name to whatever you want…. Continuous Improvement Consultants, Quality Improvement….the reality is they are still wasting our health dollars by running various different LEAN events. In a time where our fearless leader wants to cut front line … Read more